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Join IEEE at the annual Hardware Certification Workshop to learn more about fundamental circuit design and to create your own circuitry projects! This event will give you hands-on experience with common circuits such as the H-bridge, and more advanced ones like speaker circuits. So, if you're a first-year student looking... Read more

Curious about how energy is produced? Considering working in the power industry in the future? Well, here's your chance to learn more! Join us for a tour of Ontario Power Generation, Ontario's largest energy provider. You will have the opportunity to hear about OPG's projects, tour the site, and speak... Read more

1855 Energy Drive, Courtice, ON L1E 0E7

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Power Electronics has evolved rapidly in the past 25 years due to the development of new power electronic devices and real-time control hardware and software. Professor Dawson will be talking about his research involving modeling and control of excimer pulsed lasers and control systems for electrochemical reactions. Come by to... Read more

Professor Matsuura will be giving a talk on the Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging & Systems Biology area! There are many interesting topics - one focus of her group is the design of new biomaterials that can be remotely activated using medical imaging sources for cancer imaging and therapy. These biomaterials can... Read more

Professor Sean Hum will be talking about the exciting research that is going on in the Electromagnetics Group in the ECE department at UofT! Research topics in advanced antennas for satellite communications, cloaking, wireless power transfer, computational electromagnetics, and electromagnetic metamaterials will be discussed. Faculty members will be introduced and... Read more

Professor Anderson's research aims to allow software design methodologies to be used for hardware design; particularly, hardware as implemented on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). FPGAs are programmable computer chips that can be configured in the field by the end user. Recently, FPGA chips have been deployed in cloud-computing environments, where... Read more

Professor Luca Scardovi's research focuses on complex interconnected systems, and methodologies to control and analyze emergent biological and engineered systems. Come to this session to learn more about research and graduate studies in the Systems Control area! Read more

Professor Kundur’s research interests lie in cyber security, signal processing and complex dynamical networks. Come to this session to learn more about the communications area and doing grad studies in the communications group at UofT! You will also get the opportunity to learn about the various professors in the communications... Read more

IEEE is bringing you the 2017 Interview Workshop that has it all! We aim to provide YOU the opportunity of learning about PEY students’ work experience, networking with industry professionals, and doing mock interviews with real industry interviewers. Read more

BA (Bahen Centre for Information Technology)

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Interested in Energy Systems? Contemplating which stream to specialize in? Need PD points? Come and check out the U of T Steam Plant and learn about U of T’s hundred year old district heating system. You will get to see the real world applications of engineering right on campus. Read more

17 Russell St (just behind Bahen)

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Interested in summer research or graduate studies opportunities in the UofT ECE related to Energy or Power? Distinguished professors will be offering presentations each week about their respective specialized research areas, and how you can get involved. Come, learn and network! Pizzas and drinks will be provided! Read more

IEEE UofT student branch is opening recruitment for next year! There are 10+ executive positions open for next year in professional chapters (Electronics, Computer, and Energy Chapters) as well as supporting committees (Marketing Committee)! Read more

Curious about how electricity operators control the power systems? Took some entry-level energy/power courses but not sure how they work in the real world? IEEE UofT Student Branch is hosting a power systems case competition for junior engineering students, so come learn and build your own energy system! Read more

Design and innovate at IEEE UofT’s flagship event, the Hardware Hackathon! The IEEE Hardware Hackathon is a 12 hour design challenge themed around wireless technology. Just bring your ideas, and we’ll provide all the hardware you need to maximize your creativity! Read more

Machine learning seems to be the hottest topic in the software industry now, but what actually is it? IEEE is going to demystify it with ML Talks Series starting from January 30th! Read more

Interested in research in the biomedical field? Want to learn how medical imaging processing actually works? IEEE is hosting a tour at Professor Hai-Ling Margaret Cheng’s MRI Medical Imaging lab! Come and learn about the latest leading-edge research at IBBME, and find out how you can get involved! Read more

Want to learn basic electronics? Stressed about AER201, and don't know a thing about circuits? Want to make your own cool circuits project? Whatever your need might be, IEEE's got your back with the Hardware Certification Workshop. Read more

Come get an opportunity to sit down with Google engineers and get some hands-on advice on writing and polishing your resumes - what to include, and how to stand out. Also mingle with engineers and take home some extra Google swag!! Read more

BA1170 & BA1180

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Learn and practice software/web-app testing and earn CASH PRIZES up to $300!!! Curious about how software development and testing is like in the industry? Learned about software testing, but feeling frustrated that there isn't any real commerical product for you to practice on? Then this competition is for you -... Read more

Nov 29, 2016

Interested in summer research opportunities or graduate studies in the UofT ECE department? Come and check out the IEEE's Grad Talk Series! The talk this year will last from November 15th to November 29th. We have professors and their research groups from different research streams in ECE to talk about... Read more

Ever had an iOS app idea, but didn’t know how to code it up? Or just curious what coding in Swift is like? Fret no more and join us in IEEE UofT x MADLab’s annual iOS Development Workshop! Read more

Want to develop highly demanded skills on Embedded Systems Design? Looking to get some practical, hands-on experience working with industry-level hardware, firmware and programming? IEEE is partnering with Engenuics to bring you a free Embedded Systems Design Course focused on programming an ARM processor, implementing event driven Operating Systems, and... Read more

The annual IEEEXtreme programming competition is coming up again! Intensive coding will take place for a global challenge issued by IEEE during a 24 hours span, and you will be competing with 8,000 talented programmers worldwide. IEEE membership is required to participate, but it's not too late to join! Read more

Ever wanted to see what industry life is like? Need a chance to network with professional engineers? IEEE is partnering with AMD to bring you an onsite tour & networking session at AMD's Markham Campus. You will have an opportunity to view leading-edge projects and demos, listen to managers as... Read more

AMD Markham Campus

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Thanks everyone for coming out to our annual interview workshop last week! We hope you have learned more about technical interviews from returning PEY students and interviewers from Google, Amazon, AMD, OPG, etc. Good luck on your future interviews! Read more

Bahen Centre

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More to come!