Location & Agenda


Top 15 Design Team Entries


Local Arrangement Chair

Lucy Zhao


Joseph Orozco

Patricia Sheridan

Valerie Fox

Raymond Findlay


Design Competition Winners:


1st Place: $1500

2nd Place: $1000

3rd Place:  $500

Dinner Attendees:


Raffle Prizes!

ICUE 2013 Officer

Ling Zhong


ICUE 2013 Officer

Angelina Tian


Paymon Sanni

Rafal Dittwald

Reza Emami

Olivier Trescases


Jason Foster

Sara-Marni Hubbard

ICUE 2013 Officer

Yvonne Zhang


ICUE 2013 Officer

Rick Zhang


Kristina Minnella


ICUE 2013 Officer

Laila Hubert



Human Resource Chair

Peter Wu



Graphic Design + Publicity Chair

Conference Webmaster

Tony Deng


Patricia Sheridan


Industrial Liason Chair

Karl Qin



Competition Judging Chair  +

Design Fair Chair

Tang Tang



Financial Chair

Moonyoung Lee


Conference Co-Chairs



Shahed Mirmohammadi




Michael Chai


Michael Chai



ICUE 2013 Design Project Competition


Judging time will be set for 10 to 15 minutes per team

Projects will be evaluated on content, creativity, demonstration, and business potential

Posters are required:


                The maximum size of poster is 6’ by 3’ (the size of a poster board)

                Participants are also allowed to design their posters on a folded poster board


Please bring any prototype/prototypes if applicable

Any necessary facilities such as power extension cord etc, are provided upon request.




Judging Process:

Registration Process

Fill out the registration form found in the “Registration” page of this website.

The deadline for registration is April 14, 2013.

The final status of acceptance will be announced by April 18, 2013.





Shahed Mirmohammadi



Campus Co-Chair

Joel John



Campus Co-Chair

Emily Miao


Organizing Committee


Speaker Profiles


Students from all universities are welcome to register for FREE! (a $10 registration deposit will be refunded to you at the end of the conference).


Ric Phillips

Workshop Facillitators

Dr. Venkat Venkataramanan

Jane Ip

Cindy Gordon

Congratulations to the winners of ICUE 2013 Design Competition!

First Place: Project Broadcast from University of Waterloo ($1500)

Second Place: Mobile Technology for the Blind from UofT ($1000)

Third Place: Braille Translator from UofT ($500)


ICUE in the Media 

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The International Conference for Upcoming Engineers (ICUE) was

initiated by members of Ryerson University in 2001 to explore

different options after graduation and to network with successful

professionals in various engineering fields. To benefit upcoming

engineers from a wide range of locations, the conference has been

hosted by different universities each year. This year the IEEE student

branch at University of Toronto is proud to be hosting the ICUE

conference for the Third time.


ICUE has been developed as an International Conference to provide

young engineers with the opportunity to expand their understanding of

both academic and industrial sections of their field, and to present

students with the opportunity to express their technical knowledge in



IEEE UofT is proud to present ICUE 2013 on May 6, 2013 in the Bahen

Centre for Information Technology at University of Toronto. The theme

of this year’s conference is Engineering Entrepreneurship. ICUE2013

will feature keynote address, entrepreneurial discussion panel, design

project demonstrations, team building and leadership workshops,

industrial speaker, entrepreneurial resources booth display and social

gathering. On behalf of the ICUE 2013 organizing committee, we are

delighted to invite you to join us on May 6, 2013 at University of

Toronto for the 12th annual International Conference for Upcoming



Submit your projects for a chance to win one of our 3 prizes! This year, we are providing you with a chance to enter your completed design projects for a chance to show case your work at the conference! This is a great chance to speak to professors about furthering your research and work, amazing opportunity to speak to industry leaders about applying your projects to the work force, and great way to find out ways to Patent your work and make it the next big thing.

Current Undergraduate Engineering students and recent grads (2012 – 2013) from any

institution. Teams of any size may participate.




Rules and Regulations of Competition:




The project can be related to any area of Engineering.

Both academic and extra-curricular projects are accepted.

The completion time of the project cannot have exceeded 2 years.

This competition is mainly demonstration based.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited; The project must be the original work of the competitors.

Subsidies are available for travel expenses from outside of the GTA.



Participants will be given participation certificates

Top 3 design projects will receive awards as outlined in the “Prizes” page of this website




Mike Branch

Arshia Tabrizi




Education Committee Director at PEO York Chapter