AMD x IEEE UofT Industry Tour

On October 12th, students had a chance to tour and network at AMD Markham Campus. There was a huge turn out; participants saw many cutting-edge demos, learned lots about life at AMD, and even grabbed some on-site interviews! A big thanks for @AMD for hosting such an amazing tour!! Stay tuned for more events like these in the future! Check out some photos from the event on our Facebook Page

Original Description:

Ever wanted to see what industry life is like? Need a chance to network with professional engineers? IEEE is partnering with AMD to bring you an onsite tour & networking session at AMD’s Markham Campus.

You will have an opportunity to view leading-edge projects and demos, listen to managers as they share their experiences working with AMD, and more about AMD’s PEY opportunities!

Transportation to and from AMD will be provided!

** TO SIGN UP **

  1. PEY STUDENTS : Please visit the Engineering Career Centre or recruitment portal to register
  2. 2016 GRADS: Please email with your full name and resume

** PICK UP LOCATION ** Please arrive at College St. & Ross St. before 5:15PM.

[IMPORTANT] Note that the AMD Bus can only accommodate the first 75 REGISTERED participants. Otherwise, participants can reach AMD via TTC (Subway to Don Mills Station & transfer to YRT bus #90)