IEEEXtreme Programming Competition

The competition is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Original Description:


The annual IEEEXtreme programming competition is coming up again! Intensive coding will take place for a global challenge issued by IEEE during a 24 hours span, and you will be competing with 8,000 talented programmers worldwide.

If you are an IEEE student member who is passionate about coding challenges or solving problems, sign up with your team (1-3 members)! Please fill in our signup form here, and then use the proctor number given upon submission to register at YOU MUST REGISTER ON THE IEEE XTREME WEBSITE TO PARTICIPATE!

If you are not an IEEE student member, it’s not too late to become one now and enjoy all the benefits! Become one here:

Date: Oct.21st
Time: 8pm
Location: WB119
Duration: 24 hours
And of course food will be provided :) See you there!